Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Layout concept #2

New Layout concept 2

  1. Current General and navigation
  2. Click on (1) opens then generalsbar
  3. Stats
  4. CAGE Tools (Assist...)
The stats and tools will in an fixed container that is alwyas visible, just like the facebook bar and the navigaation on top. The area where CA displays the liveffed button, generals ... can be switched to an overview of all generals, so you can select not so often used.


  1. - Is Generals Bar only shows the generals we pick from general page?

    - For Monster bar, I prefer old version (v0.8): Monsters list -> Monster list -> the link of monster we summon

    Thanks :)

  2. The generals bar will be like the current (thinking about max 10). But there will be a second list with all generals, currently working on the generals bar so not completely sure where the list will be, but i already got an idea :)

    I will post first pictures of the new sidebar and maybe the generals bar. Looking good so far, at least thats what i think :D