Tuesday, April 30, 2013

CAGE - Beta - [UPDATE]


  • ADD: Clickable user images
  • ADD: Filters for guild conquest battles (thanks to Bonbons)
  • FIX: Assister (still no FB comments)
  • FIX: Stay on current page when changing Loadouts
  • FIX: Army cleaner & filler add this to the release:

  • FIX: Temporary fix for new FB Layout
As it says its a temporary fix as I do not have access to the new layout right now.

Friday, April 26, 2013

CAGE - Beta - 1.2.18 [UPDATE]

ADD Save settings as FB note (use your settings on every PC)
ADD Full Health Filter for Guild Battles (thanks to Bonbons)
FIX Guild Conquest health/actions display
FIX Gate resetting when attacking with duel button (thanks to Bonbons)
FIX Guild battle points filter not resetting

Now you can go to the settings, save your CAGE settings as a FB note and load them on another PC. So you can use your CAGE settings on the whole planet :D

UPDATE: re-released as with the fix for the current lags when loading sites with profile pics.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank You!

Today I noticed I forgot the donators list for a bit longer and sat down to update it. So now it's done I want to thank those that donated and those saying thank you!

Thank you Ron S, Sebastian K, Kate S, Geoffrey H, David J, Jennifer J, Joseph B, Michael C, Ulrich B, James D, Elizabeth W, Charles E, Joseph B, David C, Bentley B, Janey O, Marjorie G, Karen B, John L, Tomi K, Felicia M, David J, Keith S, Janey O, Robert P, Olivier P, Ulrich B. Matthew L, David C, Sylvie D, Loren C, Keith D, Patricia C, Diana G, Ismo P, Belinda P, Xena W, Felicia M, Hayward D, Norman K, Robert P, Brent Badertscher, Alvin S, Jeremy B, Vincent W, Lynne G, Dan L, Scott G, Lyndsey Z, Mishele W, Juan S, Julie W, Earl N, Tanja Heimonen, RJ S, Grant H, Robert S, Linda M, Stacey H, Connie S, Margaret P, Steven Y, Janey O, Leia M, Graham R, Micheneau C, David J, Janey O, Marco D, Susan D, Margaret Moore, Nigel H, Lyndsey Z, Jean G, Robert B, Ira B, John L, Dennis P, Ruth T, Maria A, Costantino S, Brian L, Roxanne A, David W, David V, Simone R, Online M, Donna G

Thats it for today...maybe I can let you know that I still work on fixing minor issues that are no problem for the user but the maker :D

Friday, April 5, 2013

CAGE - Beta - 1.2.16 / .17

VER: 1.2.16
  • FIX: Arm cleaner & filler (.17)
  • FIX: Assister (FB like & comment disabled for now)
  • FIX: Conquest report position
  • CHG: jQuery & jQuery UI updated

Sorry but still no Firefox update  :/