Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank You!

Today I noticed I forgot the donators list for a bit longer and sat down to update it. So now it's done I want to thank those that donated and those saying thank you!

Thank you Ron S, Sebastian K, Kate S, Geoffrey H, David J, Jennifer J, Joseph B, Michael C, Ulrich B, James D, Elizabeth W, Charles E, Joseph B, David C, Bentley B, Janey O, Marjorie G, Karen B, John L, Tomi K, Felicia M, David J, Keith S, Janey O, Robert P, Olivier P, Ulrich B. Matthew L, David C, Sylvie D, Loren C, Keith D, Patricia C, Diana G, Ismo P, Belinda P, Xena W, Felicia M, Hayward D, Norman K, Robert P, Brent Badertscher, Alvin S, Jeremy B, Vincent W, Lynne G, Dan L, Scott G, Lyndsey Z, Mishele W, Juan S, Julie W, Earl N, Tanja Heimonen, RJ S, Grant H, Robert S, Linda M, Stacey H, Connie S, Margaret P, Steven Y, Janey O, Leia M, Graham R, Micheneau C, David J, Janey O, Marco D, Susan D, Margaret Moore, Nigel H, Lyndsey Z, Jean G, Robert B, Ira B, John L, Dennis P, Ruth T, Maria A, Costantino S, Brian L, Roxanne A, David W, David V, Simone R, Online M, Donna G

Thats it for today...maybe I can let you know that I still work on fixing minor issues that are no problem for the user but the maker :D


  1. Hi, today the ios community got access to web3. It is my understanding that cage does not function with web3. I was wondering if that would happen in the future. I asked on the forums but they said I would have better luck asking you. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product.

    1. It is not on my plan right now, but already had a look to see what needs to be changed to make it work there.
      Right now it's sadly to much to change to make it work there completely but never say never ;)

    2. Awwwww. Thanks for the update.

  2. The Receive & Return Gifts button does not work at all. Thought you might wanted to know. Thanks for the great app. :-)