VER: 1.2.10ß

FIX: Index page oldest attack
CHG: Updated jQuery UI
CHG: Error handling for COPTER
FIX: COPTER enabled in Firefox
ADD: Update COPTER generals
ADD: Option to keep iPhone players in army (untested)
FIX: Buy generals from quests
FIX: Update war council breaks CAGE
ADD: Sort war council by effective attack
FIX: Own damage in monster results
FIX: Shown stats when heal/strengthen...
FIX: Alchemy page stuck (Firefox)

VER: 1.2.9ß

FIX: Keep divine-item stats not showing
FIX: Guild class only working once
FIX: Alchemy info popups
ADD: COPTER APIs (best_offensiv/defensive_general, update_stats)
FIX: Kobo displaced checkboxes
FIX: Monster stats for new monster layout
ADD: Monthly general Kendra

VER: 1.2.8ß

ADD: Hide incomplete at alchemy page
ADD: Pin alchemy to top of list
FIX: Missing monster stats
ADD: Hide alchemy items
FIX: Show unassigned guild members in formation

VER: 1.2.7ß

FIX: Battle summary on home page
FIX: Assisting friendlists
FIX: Update function (Firefox only)
FIX: Remove generals from favorites
FIX: Monster stats overlapping
ADD: Select gift on RTF
FIX: Consumables in keep only shows energy

VER: 1.2.6ß

FIX: Raid list getting messed up
FIX: Problems with Iron & Rockmelt

VER: 1.2.5ß

ADD: COPTER connection (disabled)
ADD: Enable/disable CAGE (Chrome)
ADD: Needclickers can disable CAGE for CTAs
ADD: Show stats for items in keep
FIX: Battle stats
FIX: Double scrollbars
FIX: General equipment not updating

VER: 1.2.4ß

ADD: Monthly general Zolthar
FIX: Sano position in Atlantis quests
FIX: Monster stats not on every monster
FIX: General pics not showing after entering generals page
FIX: Current generals def/att stats incl. items bonuses
FIX: Generals reappear on fav list
FIX: Dismiss/Join in friends keep broken
CHG: Extra tier in public monsters disabled for now

VER: 1.2.3ß

ADD: Chat to sidebar
FIX: Chat not posting new messages
FIX: Guild formation displayed in wrong order
FIX: Pinned alchemy items
CHG: Reduced bandwidth usage for tools and startup

VER: 1.2.2ß

ADD: Change guild formation with drag&drop
ADD: Goblin item locker
ADD: All tiers at public monster list and selected tier stored
ADD: Alchemy item pinning
FIX: Fill/Remove army button in Firefox
CHG: Some CSS stuff
CHG: Some performance stuff

VER: 1.2.1ß

ADD: Receive & Return gift - gift 1 (allways newest) for now
ADD: Favor points sidebar stat
FIX: Sort general-fav-lists on generals page
FIX: Crusader missing in Home menu
FIX: Not clearing RTF list
FIX: CSS stuff, most of it Firefox only
FIX: Generals page stuff