Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sneak Peeks on 0.9.1 (UPDATE 11/04/26)

First impressions of the next version. Fixing last bugs i can find, a bit more testing and we'll get a release real soon.

Just take look, no more text ;)


  1. Hi it's me again :)

    The General menu is nicer..... correction to my previous suggestion, if we click the General pic (the one we use), a frame of ALL Generals will show up below the pic, so we just pick 1 General to use instead of going to General Page to pick 10 Generals to fill the frame

    - Put option for "Fill eliteguard" and "Assist" below that button

    - I thought you're going to cover CA menu bar with your own menu bar....

    Thank you for the hard work

  2. Another suggestion..... could you put "FB homepage" as option in "Assist"..... :D

    Thanks again :)

  3. Hi Nie!

    generals not done yet and the frame for all generals is still in work but looking good so far :)

    what should i put below the which button?

    the top bar is fixed and available all the time, its really better that way.

    FB homepage is still in work, there code is just so messy, just like mine :D

  4. Hi....

    Put sub-menus "Army member" and "Guild Member" option under "Fill elite guard"

    Also option for "Assist", put its sub menus under "Assist" button...

    So we don't have to go to new page for "Assist" and "Fill Elite Guard" to tick the options :)

    Thanks for the hard work, can't wait to see your brilliant work :)

    Btw, For someone who has Zurran, you're not messy :)D

  5. Hey, how does the Fill Elite Guard work?
    Do I have to go to a specific page and press it for it to work? Or do i just press it anywhere?

  6. Just click on Elite guard and it starts working. Currenty online version (0.9.0) has some problems with it but is fixed with next release for sure.

  7. When will new version of Castle Age Game Enhancer be available to download? auto update is better from this website as always has 504 bad gateway error. have general pictures go vertical. automatic update from previous versions of castle age game enhancer would be good too. automatic repair of castle age game enhancer from within the userscript.

  8. I hope i can make you all a little easter gift but not sure about that. Updating form 0.8 to 0.9 will be next step after releasing 0.9.1. When using 0.9 there is currently no need to update anything. You only install a little loader and CAGE is loaded from the website each time so you always get the latest version.
    Maybe i will start spliting beta and release version so you can decide if you want stable or test version. We'll see..

  9. Hey there,

    I like having the information on the side instead of the bottom, it makes it easy to glance at (for me, on the bottom is not a normal spot to look). The elite guard fill seems to be working for me, no issues that I have found.

    One item I noticed that was missing was a display of the exp/stamina ratio for each quest. Very useful for when aiming at rapid leveling vs a money grab.