Sunday, February 19, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.1.21

ADD: Monsterstats
FIX: Pop ups at mouse position
FIX: Permission for gifting lists

Firefox: Still nothing


  1. Just noticed that in the Keep where the stat analysis are listed it says "TSI - Total Skillpoints Per Level"

    Since TSI does not take your Health into account, that is a bit misleading since by that definition, it is not about all, or total, skill points. :) A better description might be Total Strength Index or something.

    Alternative is to include Health into the TSI, making it a true Total Skillpoints Index (since Health now has some use in GvG etc.). But since people have gotten used to exclude HP from the TSI... :P

    Anyway, just wanted to ramble about it. :P

    1. When there are more useful stats, just tell me and I replace it right now. Not really using stats, but I know a lot people like to know them :)

  2. I guess the common ones are:
    BSI = (A+D)/L — "Battle Strength Index"
    LSI = (2*S+E)/L — "Leveling Speed Index"
    TSI = BSI+LSI — "Total Skillpoints Index (does not count health)"
    SPAEQ = (A+D+2*S+E+H-100)/L — "Skill Point Aquisition Efficiency Quotient" (to add health into TSI so it actually considers total SP)

    Then comes my favourite, which doesn't have abbreviation or real name:
    SP outside leveling: (A+D+2*S+E+H-113-5*L) — original starting character had E10 S3 A1 D1 H100 @ L1, for total of 113 sp worth of stats @ L0, but apparently later starting character profile has changed some, with at least E10 S5 at one point.