Sunday, January 15, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.1.8

ADD: Dismiss/Join army members from their keeps
ADD: Close pop ups with X key
FIX: Quest/Level-up popup centered
FIX: Stats in Keep now includes modifiers
FIX: Gifting list not always filled
FIX: Scroll to top when posting in monster chat
CHG: Get CA Player for EG and Army Filler only once

EDIT: I nearly forgot to say thank you to Jospeh B. for his donation!


  1. Another great update - thank you.

  2. Monster list close on select is nice for me. Most of the time I'm just jumping to monster, not walking through the list, afterall.
    Semitransparent I tried, but I guess it was still too opaque for me to be able to use it. Maybe you could add option to set transparency if it's selected? I'm not sure if the semitransparent monster list would really be useful for me even when I have lots of monsters (which for me might be 20-50) around.

    Would it be possible to have a sidebar to the main game (eg. the way old CAAP settings were)? If it is, then sidebar might work for eg. monster list.

  3. your welcome. :)
    ~joseph B.

  4. @Ismo: Actually I wanted to add a slider to set value but was just to lazy :)
    I like the sidebar idea, I'll try if I can make that work.

  5. FIX: Quest/Level-up popup centered

    this is the only thing I don't like about this update :D I preferred it to be off center as it allowed me to to click on the page to get rid of it, thus allowing me to continue on with my questing without having to move my mouse :D ( yes I know it's about 20mm of movement but when your burning through 2000 energy it get's rather annoying.

    for the side bar it might be better to stick clear of this imo, appearance's are everything in CA and if it looks like CAAP you may just cop a whole lot of flak that you don't deserve.

    but other than that all is well thank you for the effort you have put in :)

  6. @Paul: But you can now close it with the x-key so you still don't have to move your mouse ;)

  7. yes I just got this update :) thank you all is well now.

  8. Sorry to tell you this, but i cannot return the gifts i receive nor send them.
    Continue the good work, love this plugin.

    1. I'm already uploading the next version :)
      FB changed some stuff and I missed that taht...just like CA did :D