Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.1.7

ADD: Festival duel sorting
CHG: Full startup message only shows on new update
CHG: Summon/Copy CAT link without bqh
FIX: Display errors when entering CA via CTA
FIX: Gifter not showing notification
FIX: Sending gifts on Firefox
FIX: Assister showing wrong number of assists
FIX: Another minor display fix when receiving gifts

A big thank you goes out to David & Jennifer J. for their donations!


  1. Thanks - good update. :)

    Sorry for bugging you so much with everything but what do you think of making the drop down boxes (monster/general) semi-transparent? Maybe make it 100% opacity by default but have settings option to adjust it. Asking because I farm Skaars for FP and it'd be easier to check the progress of all of them, one by one, if I didn't have to close the (monster) drop down box to see the health bars etc (the box covers them). :) Just an idea.

    I wonder if it'd be hard on the system if you added info about monster HP, time left and player dmg dealt over the monster pics in the Monsters tab and/or the Monster drop down box? :P

  2. I'll check if I can add a setting for opacity.

    Checking all monsters is possible, I might add it in a few versions, but manual not automatic, just like the reload.

  3. all I have to say is

    Sort by descending rank / Reload

    if I didn't already love this extension that one little line would have made me install it. Thank you.