Thursday, April 14, 2011

What design do you like more?

More and more users have to switch to the new 0.9 version as the 0.8 stopped working due to some changes from fb. Some of them and some of the 0.9 users don't seem to like the new design. So i put up a poll so you can choose how CAGE might look like in the near future.

If you got another, complete different idea or a mockup how CAGE could look like, i'd really like to see them here.



  1. I think you're just trying to do too much with 0.9. If you kept 0.9's top and left bar, moved the stuff from the bottom bar up (so it has all the enhancements from 0.8... I still haven't found the blessing in 0.9...), and put them below FB's top menu bar, then people would like the new interface better...

  2. I like the new 0.9 design! transform the Facebook Castle age like a stand alone game!

    i think that more users don't seem to like the new design .... it's only a question of get used it!

  3. I would like to have the gift acceptor back, That was the main reason that I go cage in the first place. I have over 1500 in my army and it helped for me to send out gift. At the present time I have to do it the old way and that just takes up so much of my time.

  4. O.o 0.8 had no gift acceptor?!

  5. I like the new design, once I got used to it. I do miss the quick links for blessings and monster fights though. The original CAGE made everything in CA pretty much accessible with a single click from any screen which created a great experience.

  6. (I posted the first reply). I agree with the most recent post. It's great to be able to get anywhere in one click... but I think the bottom stat bar should be moved up and chats always shown... I don't want to have to keep switching just to reply to a message!

  7. The main thing is what real advantage offers 0.9 to its use.
    Ok. Reordering the elements (main navigation bar now at top; and top statistics at bootom) is just that, reordering. Now you move the mouse or eye to a new position to find it.
    Is clear that you understand the elements of CA screen, but moving or reorder is just ... more work to know the new interface.

    The middle navigation bar (guild, battle, quests, and so on) what 0.9 offers advantage is the submenus, not present in others.

    Statistics are useful, but knowing how many point are needed to reach next level. To view again the timer, is not a great deal.

    Elite guard sometimes deactivate without elite guard complete.

    How may I know if I already ask for demipower? And how should I wait for a next one?
    How to know the average points vs experience/gold in each quest?

    All that is the stuff really matters, not manipulating the elements.

  8. An other problem: The lower bar hides the close or text area of chat.
    When battles happens, all guild need to be in touch. Lower bar doesn't lets work on it.

  9. In addition to the above concerns I also have one with the footprint of .9. Due to financial reasons I am stuck on a fairly slow computer. As such what I loved most about CAGE was the uber small footprint while also saving a great number of clicks(page loads). It has no doubt saved me hours of time.

    The .9 footprint though is relatively significant. For example I can more quickly do quests by using two tabs(one for general switching and one for questing, which is what I did before cage). So with the new version the only thing 'faster' is Elite Guard filling(the book marking trick really lags my computer).

    However, I must admit that the new .9 design/features is interesting and in many ways quite nice and it has many nice features. The blocking of chat and the loss of some of the shortcuts in .8 are probably the most pressing issues.

  10. I will create some mockups for a new design. And if anyone else wants to create one, just post you image here.

  11. I can't see both mock ups, but I will say I like having the stats at the top. I like how you have the FB tab that moves the stats out of the way, but if they were at the top it would not be as bad. I also really miss having access to ALL my generals at once. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate having my main generals in move-with-me side bar, but I didn't realize how often I switch to odd generals for leveling up and the like till I had to go back to page switching to access them. A box with minis like 8 had would be nice as a drop down from the main header.

    Thanks for giving Festival its own main tab, and for adding HPs and percentages to guild battles.

    In guild battles it would be nice if once you attacked it jumped you to the battle at the top of the page instead of leaving you in the middle of the wall.

    I also was really excited to see 9 was supposed to "Like" posts and extremely disheartened to learn it didn't even post in the chat log anymore. That I truly miss because now I'm helping at a tune of 40+ stam a day, but nobody knows.

    Over all, I really liked 8 for its small footprint and fast loading. I would have been completely happy if all you added were gifting features, a festival tab, liking posts and the guild equations.