Monday, May 14, 2012

Manual update for Firefox 1.2.6

As the update function is broken since 1.2.5 you have to update manually. The links on the install page are updated and keeping the github download page in bookmarks ain't a bad idea :)


  1. Could you please fix the posted comments when you use assister to use st (1st), nd (2nd) and rd (3rd) in addition to th (4th, etc.) when posting which number your assist was? I'd really appreciate it! :)

  2. One minor error I am seeing: in Duel Conquest, Aurelius is displayed as Esmerelda.

  3. If I lock an ingredient in Goblin, then unlock it, it will not stay unlocked. It will be locked again on the next page load.

  4. i can't figure out how to use it..i installed it a month ago(was slow) and just now tried it again but do i need to re-install it, how do i get it to work?
    computer-illiterate ;)

    1. nevermind it fixed itself now, lol, had to accept an update :) ty :)

  5. because no one shows up for guild battles i'm stuck running quite a few players. is there a way i can get cage to work on browsers like ie, maxtron, lunascape (i can choose the engine this browser uses), acoo, opera or safari?

  6. when i accept a boss invite the page wont load :(