Friday, May 4, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.2.4

ADD: Monthly general Zolthar
FIX: Sano position in Atlantis quests
FIX: Monster stats not on every monster
FIX: General pics not showing after entering generals page
FIX: Current generals def/att stats incl. items bonuses
FIX: Generals reappear on fav list
FIX: Dismiss/Join in friends keep broken
CHG: Extra tier in public monsters disabled for now


  1. Ok everything works good but the Battle News is not showing anything at the top like it did in the previous versoin

    1. Already working on it. Short after I updated CA updated the new feed :)

    2. Ok and the equipment isn't showing up next to the general either

    3. Fixed with next release.

  2. The fill army button doesn't seem to be working. I had cleared out my entire army and clicked on fill army, it seems to run forever. (I kept my current army in my friends list).

  3. Nevermind -- seems to be fixed already. Keep up the incredible work that you put into CAGE! Thank You :)