Saturday, April 14, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.2.1 [UPDATE]

ADD: Receive & Return gift - gift 1 (allways newest) for now
ADD: Favor points sidebar stat
FIX: Sort general-fav-lists on generals page
FIX: Crusader missing in Home menu
FIX: Not clearing RTF list
FIX: CSS stuff, most of it Firefox only
FIX: Generals page stuff

And Firefox gets that update too :)

UPDATE: Build activates the FP usage and yes, there is an confirmation dialog for it. Here is a little picture :)


  1. Great Update as ever.

    I wonder, any comfirmation on Favor point stat click?
    I don't have any plan to spend it on Energy for now I scare someday I will miss click it.And not try it on stam too. I collect it for new general.

    1. Yes it has a confirmation dialog, but wait for the next update, I forgot to activate it :D

  2. Question, the last 2 updates.... I am running FireFox Beta latest update, it seems to me my memory is going thru the roof, I've seen it hit 1 gig once... right now it is 688,912K...... BIG, I notice this only in the last few updates............... Love the program, thank you for developing this ! ℜo§ Crimson Marauder♞™

    1. I don't use betas of FF or Chrome for development (anymore) to avoid that I build stuff that works for that specific beta version and as soon as it becomes stable I have to move back 'cause they changed it.

      But that is really a lot of memory and I take a look at the current FF built if I can get the same result

  3. Hey I have some request,
    How about timer for "Cassandra(Power Crystal)" and Quick link to her?

    it require a lot of click to go to here blessing ;)
    I know it not hard.But I think CAGE is all about Lazy people don't need to click lol.

    1. Guess your right, but can't access that right now. As soon as I can I try to add it :)

  4. This is direct link to Cassandra

    Thanks for quick respond!

    1. Already have that one :) problem is when Land of Mist is not unlocked, you get kicked back to conquest command :/