Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.1.31 [UPDATE]

ADD: Stats points upgrade dialog
ADD: Current weapons at generals image
ADD: Monster activity display
FIX: CA level bar growing to 125%
FIX: Sort order of oracle generals
FIX: Enemies health in guild/fest. battles in results
CHG: Achievements show only have/need when have < need
CHG: Class powers in stats only update when saving

UPDATE: First Firefox upload version still had the same update problem, new build for FF is on and should now work.


  1. ouch! updated and now when I use needclickers instead of first of 10 showing cage.. and subsequent opened links being either or.. first shows and rest are blank! can work around by disabling cage first.. but what a pain to do!

    1. Open many tabs with CAGE running could could get it stuck, because there is some data loaded on start (keep info, generals...). A quicker way to disable/enable CAGE is the works.

    2. that's what ido. when i go to needclickers, i disable CAGE, afterwards i reenable it.

  2. Wish I did not have to enable/disable CAGE.. but will go with the flow. Just love what you do!

  3. Thje link post in facebok for assist are not the good one. When i hit assist and put a rtf in the sentence still the old one and not the new one. Can't refresh the link when i use assist. Good work guys.

  4. How to dis-able CAGE? I do not see a control in the toolbar or App.