Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dev News

With the last update I broke the page load once more but already fixed it (github) for next release. 
The broken page loader did not show the pop ups when summoning monsters or using the goblin to get items.


  1. Don't know it just me or not. But I found somebug

    1 When load Chronus Hydra. Attack button become broke.
    2 In for serpent (attack dmg,Defense report) when you attack is not show.

  2. @Xnone
    1. already fixed for next update
    2. Same problem with the goblin/summons... at least its already fixed

    Next update currently in testing :)

  3. When will the next release be? I thought I saw an update when I came on this time, but I'm still having the same problems.
    Running on Chrome:
    I cannot summon any monsters .... when clicked the screen darkens and that's all.
    I cannot hit on any of my current monsters. The 'buttons' that show are miniatures of all the possible choices, yet none of them work.
    I have noticed that the problem I had a few hours ago of the "giant" generals, however, has been resolved and I can now access all of mine once again.
    Thanks .... I'll try again later.

    1. A few more minutes, had to take care of some RL stuff :D