Tuesday, February 28, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.1.24

There seems to be a problem with the new favorite lists, still searching for the problem. The problems with CA breaking when commenting in monster is now fixed. The Assister now has a few more options so you can choose where to comment/likes.

  • ADD: Settings for Assister
  • FIX: Entering comments brakes page
  • CHG: jQuery UI update to 1.8.18


  1. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I've set the "Maximun stamina for CTAs" to 40 and it only seems to use 10 at a time. I reloaded in case that was needed to keep the setting, but that didn't work.
    Also I have comments and it doesn't seem to be putting them in.
    Comment in Monster Chat is + with New Orc CTA Group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/186775311425070/
    Same for Comment in Facebook CTA.
    I've clicked the Sumbit buttons on all and refreshed as i said.
    And yeap, I've done the "Request permission" part.

    Oh, and I can't figure out the "Monster" think under the Menu. All it does is say "Reload" with an X next to it. Nothing happens.
    I have "Choose where CAGE should look for Monsters" Monsters, Tower of Transcendence I, Tower of Transcendence II and Raids all +

    Just wondering what I might be doing wrong.

    1. Interestingly, today I changed my comment to a CTA that is in dire need and THIS time it posted the Group msg i posted above....and it assisted 15 not 10.
      Seems for a setting to keep, i need to shut down Chrome 1st?

    2. Well, that didn't work...closed chrome, started it again, ran assisster, assisted 2 people and it didn't even post a comment.

      btw, there were tons of monsters in the Public Monsters that could have use CTA's but all of them were skipped. took me 20 mins before it even found anyone to assist. Thought this used the Public List for the assisster as well...

    3. Ok, looks like it posted on FB rather than on the monster. Wish the comments posted only on the Monster tho. Helps reach a wider audience i think...or both FB and CA...aw well :)