Friday, January 20, 2012

CAGE - Beta - 1.1.11

FIX: Assister
FIX: Some guild battle stuff
FIX: Broken page when using Goblin Emporium
FIX: Exp to next level
FIX: Possible fix for FF start problems

A big thank you goes out to James D. for his donation! 

EDIT: On the Chrome Store was a wrong version online for a few minutes. If your statsbar is messed up just make another update to and it should work.


  1. Just got the update. Toolbar in FF looks a bit different, but still has failed to load properly.

    1. Damn I just don't get that error, tried in installed and portable FF. I really need to get that error or some logs :(

  2. Sent you a copy (sort of) of the FF error logs, and a screenshot. Check your email.