Saturday, December 24, 2011

CAGE - Firefox - 1.1.3 Alpha [UPDATE]

A little Christmas present for the Firefox users. Its working (at least for me) in a new installed Firefox 9. Its nearly the same state as the Chrome release, but missing the notification popups.
[UPDATE] The Settings don't work :(

Before installing this one, uninstall the currently installed CAGE.

Download form here: CAGE

A big thank you goes out again to Kate S. for her donation!


  1. this is not working for it because I'm using Firefox 9 Beta?.....if not can tell me why it is not working for me?

  2. CAGE doesn't work with Fire Fox if you have secure browsing turned on in Facebook.

  3. thank you Ron for the info

  4. Thanks for the info Ron! I fixed that in 1.1.4, which will be released in one or two days or earlier or later ;)

  5. Thanks this TOTALLY screwed a perfectly good version for Chrome anf pre 9 ver firefox users hello??? Thanks for all the hard work but if it ain't broke don't fix it!
    no elitegaurd fil buttons or generals or demi ect ect ect

  6. Firefox and/or Chrome version is broke? Error logs?
    It works for me on Chrome and Firefox (still more problems than chrome), can you please be more specific or post some screen shots?

  7. not able update to CAGE_1_1.24b
    help me

    1. Was this the oldest Firefox you could find? :D

      Try this one:

  8. works great on Chrome, but I dont want to use that as they ask me for personal info every time I log on. Cant get the latest version on Firefox it keeps installing an old version