Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New test version for Firefox [UPDATE]

Fixed a lot of stuff and now CAGE starts on Firefox without (to much) errors. Not all tools work as they should right now but that is just what I expected as some stuff uses Chrome specific stuff. 
Give it a try and download it from Github and give me some feedback how bad/well it runs for you.

[UPDATE] I just uploaded CAGE to the Firefox Add-on page. So you can install it from there and receive updates via auto update.


  1. Tried To Install The "FF Add On" on FF 9.0 Bet Version And FF Replied In This Way,
    "CAGE Can Not Be Installed On FF Becoz FF Can Not Modify The Needed File".

  2. Hi Tiger King,

    try to install from here: https://addons.mozilla.org/de/firefox/addon/cage-castle-age-game-enhanc/
    just tried with ff 9 beta 2 and works :)

  3. Hi Cage !
    Uninstalled FF 9 Beta 3 And Installed FF 9 Beta 2. Then Tried Ur Link But No Use. Same FF Message FF Can Not Modify The Needed File. Will It Work On The FF Non Beta Versions ????

  4. I used FF9b2 from PortableApps.com I install latest beta normal way and maybe theres a problem?

  5. @Tiger King: Download 1.0.55 form the firefox add ons, this worked for me with installed FF9 b3

  6. I Use To Download Browser And Other Software From FileHippo.com And Cage Was Not Working On FF (filehippo.com Downloaded). At Ur Advice I Downloaded FF 8.0.1 From PortableApps.com And CAGE Worked On It. Big Thanx My Friend. Enjoying CA Ease On FF Now.

  7. Good to hear its working now :)

    You can download FF9 beta from the offical site and cage from the FF add ons page (use the link top left) and it should work too.

    thanks for the feedback

  8. I'm running FF 9.0.1 on Fedora 16 and Cage stopped loading properly with V. 1.1.10 and still doesn't with V. 1.1.11. Is there some place I can download previous versions like V. 1.1.09? Thanks

    1. Please use the post of the latest build, so I have all error sin one place :)
      Can you post an error log? I did not get the problem and 1.1.10 was a needed step as fb changed some stuff.