Sunday, October 2, 2011

CAGE - Chrome Extension - Alpha 1.0.41

ADD: Assister log

You can find the Assists log on the live newsfeed. When the assister is finished, you can find a new tab next to Monster and Guard. The log remains until you reload the complete page.


  1. Used assist, it posted comment on monster.. but did not appear to post to friend's wall. I really like this option! I use needclickers and this helps my friends who don't use that app.

  2. can you check your error log (ctrl+shift+j) and send it to me?

  3. Not sure on how to send it to you (how to copy and where to post/email it) but! As I was scanning the event log.. it was still doing things. So maybe I moved too fast from shutting down CAGE (after the Assist button went from faded out to ready to be clicked again) to check and see if Assist actually worked (so I could see Livefeed and looked at a monster and then that person's wall).

  4. Just click on the image/name on my posts, will bring you to the profile page with my email.

    The FB part is kinda tricky, as I can't really control it, but will try to make it work a bit better.