Friday, September 30, 2011

CAGE - Chrome Extension - Alpha 1.0.37 + 38

FIX: Activity filter for Festival Guild Battle
ADD: More info when sending gifts
ADD: Assister for testing

FIX: Assister can use up to 10 stamina (was 1 in 1.0.37)

IMPORTANT: The Assister is now available for testing. It can assist up 10 CTAs from the Live Feed and assist only friends. It likes and comments the post on the users newsfeed and on the monster.


  1. The new version V 1.0.38α is giving problems on Guild Battles. The Stamina is reduced (20) but there is not interface to battle (ask for stamina) even the legend of "You have entered to battle" is showed.

  2. I did not change anything on Guild Battles (Only Festival GB)!? Do you see any error in the error log? I must wait a some hours for next GB so i check myself.