Saturday, May 14, 2011

Update V0.9.1 Build 4304

  • In some cases page additions/changes not applied
  • Hiding fb and CA stuff
  • All generals selection

To do
  • Level up not recognized
  • Page jumps when attacking or defending


  1. Fill elite guard not working.
    Fast generals (those when selecting actual general image) not displayed.

  2. Hey there,

    I thought I posted this but I cannot seem to find it.

    When CAGE is used in conjunction with the Better Facebook Greasemonkey script, the Facebook header shows up as blank, just the blue background and nothing more. I noticed this last week and thought I posted it but apparently not.


  3. The "fast" generals list, that displayed when the image of actual general is selected, is not displayed.

    The fill elite guard not working, it still in blue (like "doing") but never return to normal state.

    What is different in my account, is that not all members of my army are in my friends list or exist a relation to them, because when one person is already in the army, one can delete the friendship with that person in facebook, and the relation as army member continue.
    Maybe that is the reason, assumes all people in army is still a friend.

  4. I guess you are using firefox. Will have to check elite guard currently uses all guildmembers (friend or not) to fill EG. Armylist is filled with castle age friend list so this should be no problem.

  5. Right. Firefox 3.6 (because 4.0 is *really* bad) on MacOS X 10.5
    Thank you :)

  6. 3.6 has massive problems with javascripts that load alot of stuff in the background. I wonder that CAGE even loads for you!? I will release some bug fixes in a few days, maybe it works again for you then, but i can't test as ff3.6 won't even load CAGE on Windows.